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RonBoots Farm is run by Kris Hiltzman and his wife Brooke. 

Partners in crime and best friends, we spent the first ten years together moving to various locations due to our off the farm careers. During that time we were blessed with two great children, Harper and Drake. 

Like anyone else, once we had kids we struggled to balance providing the healthiest food with convenience. We still do! Additionally, Kris yearned to provide the kids with at least a semblance of the experiences that he was blessed with as a kid on his great grandfather's farm. 

Out of that, the idea of starting a small farm or farmstead was born. We made one more move and settled in Midlothian, TX. We love the community and look forward to providing the best local, small farm, ethically raised products to our friends and neighbors. 

Ron & Boots - RonBoots Farm

Ronald Hiltzman
Ronald Hiltzman of RonBoots Farm

RonBoots Farm is named for Kris' great grandfather, Jim "Boots" Roberts (or Pa B as his grandchildren knew him) and his grandfather Ronald Hiltzman.


It is the culmination of Kris' childhood spent on his great-grandparents 150 acre place in north east Texas, our desire to provide the healthiest, ethically raised food for our family and neighbors, and our wish to bring a little bit of farm life to our children. 

Pa B and Pa Ronald instilled a desire in Kris to question accepted practices that didn't make sense, take on challenges deemed not worth while by others, save "good junk" in case you might need it, tinker with it until you get it just right, and spend time with family or go fishing when time permits. 


Our farm may not change the world, but we are working hard to turn our little piece of dirt into a thriving, healthy ecosystem that provides abundance. 

Jim "Boots" & Bessie Roberts
Jim "Boots" Roberts of RonBoots Farm

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