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Farm Produce

​Currently we sell the best darn farm fresh chicken eggs.
Grass Fed Chicken Eggs

Our chickens are raised in paddocks insuring they always have access to grass, bugs, and sunshine while keeping them safe from predators. We feed Texas Naturals Non-GMO/Non Soy peanut based feed. 

Fresh water, grit, and calcium supplementation provided daily.

Duck Eggs Coming Soon!

We hope to have duck eggs available some time in 2018.

Pasture Raised Chicken Coming Soon

We are thinking of running one to two batches of pasture raised meat birds in 2018. 

If you are interested in purchasing grass fed chicken, please let us know. 

Who knows what else might come along?!

We are always on the lookout for healthy food to add to our table and to make available to our customers. If we find something we want to eat and can produce a little extra, we will make it available!

Simply Good Living


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