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First Egg Sale!!!

Today we made our very first egg sale! Wooohoooo!!!!!

When the idea of starting a farm first crossed my mind several years ago, it was one of those things that sounded nice in my head, but I was never really certain anything would come from it.

First farm sale

Fast forward a couple of years and hear we are, settled into our new place with 40+ chickens, two donkeys, a couple of goats, two dogs, various barn cats, and plans for ducks, turkeys, and who knows what else!

Whoooo! It's a lot to think about and some times at 5:45 AM when it's freezing out and I have to slog out to the chicken coop to bust up water and feed everyone, I wonder why I'm doing this.

But making that first sale helped bring it back into focus- producing great eggs for our family and being able to provide the extras to our friends and neighbors.

Went out and busted up the frozen water this morning with a smile on my face!

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