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Exciting News! New Farm Partners!!!

Our goal for the farm has been to provide the best food for our family and make any extra available to our friends and neighbors. While we are just getting started on our farming adventure and only currently have chicken eggs for sale (the very best eggs at that!), we want to be able to point you in the right direction on your search for the best foods.

Additionally, many have reached out asking how they can support the farm when they don't live locally to us. I mean it's awful expensive to ship a dozen eggs no matter how good they are! That's why we are excited to announce that we have partnered with several companies that will allow you to support us from anywhere in the world and more importantly, provide you with the very best foods.

If you visit the "Support Us" tab of our web page, you will now see a list of companies that we have vetted and partnered with. Every purchase through one of those links helps support the farm.

The first link you will see is........

What? Amazon???? That's right, the largest online retailer where you would be surprised at the list of of organic herbs, seeds, cooking items, and farming implements that you can purchase. Every purchase you make through our link costs you not a penny more and the farm gets a small percentage back as a commission.

It's a win/win situation for everyone!

All you have to do is remember to come to our website and click through our link first, then shop as you normally would. And don't worry, Amazon doesn't share who bought which items, so you don't have to wonder if we are judging your shopping list!

I'll cover the other companies in future posts and detail why we chose them as our partners over other providers. Trust me- there is a good reason we look to Thrive Market, US Wellness Meats, and Vital Choice for the very best foods.

For now, I thank you for your support, both financially by buying our eggs or shopping through our links, and emotionally as many of you have reached out to encourage us, commented on our Facebook or Instagram posts, or shared our YouTube videos. I truly do appreciate all of you.

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